At Wells Trading Post we pride ourselves on having something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for farmhouse pine,  French  painted, classic, antique or “I want a project” furniture, we have the lot.

Spread over 3 floors,we stock everything from Art  Deco  and utility pieces to sexy pine dressers and we promise you’ll enjoy hunting for your want list.

Whether you run a B&B, need props for stage, film or photography or just want to revamp your home, we are a “must visit” on your list of places to scour… and don’t believe the rumours, we’re not that hard to find. You can easily spend an hour here getting fabulously distracted by things you didn’t know you couldn’t live without.

Now’s the time to buy

Over the past few years “brown” furniture has gone a little out of fashion. Now is the time to pick up a great deal before everyone else realises what incredible workmanship goes into antique mahogany and rosewood furniture and the price shoots up.