Oh the bonding that goes on in the “tool room”. Different generations wax lyrical about the delights of grubbers, dibbers and adzes and on a daily basis we hear about “grandfather’s tools” and how “they don’t make them like they used to”. It really is a very popular section with keen collectors watching the stock for carpenter’s planes, coopers axes and froes.. the latter two a little bit like hen’s teeth!

We are very proud of the variety and quality of our reconditioned tools. Rob (our very own tool man) scours the country for good, traditional hand tools which he then lovingly sharpens, oils and brings back to life for you. He is happy to take requests for more unusual items.

Rob also stocks tools for stonemasons, blacksmiths, carpenters and dabblers. His tools have been used in Buckingham Palace Gardens, the Blue Peter garden and David’s allotment down the road. We cater for all sorts here.

Needless to say,he prices them fairly(price certainly doesn’t reflect his early mornings loading up his wheelbarrow and his days spent grinding and linseed oiling)He’s a bit of a character himself to be fair!